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Outdoor Safety


  • Always look up and around when carrying ladders to make sure you won't come in contact with an overhead line
  • Be aware of any nearby power lines before you climb a ladder
  • Never touch an overhead line if it has been brought down by a storm, fallen tree limb or machinery
  • Don't plant trees where they might grow tall enough to interfere with overhead lines
  • Always assume any downed overhead line is "ALIVE"; Stay away from it and never touch anything it contacts
  • Keep tools, materials and all parts of your body at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines at all times
  • Equip outdoor outlets with waterproof covers and GFCI's (Ground-Fault-Circuit-Interrupters)
  • If a power line falls on your car as a result of an accident, stay inside and wait for help. Use your cell phone to call 911
  • Locate swimming pools away from overhead lines; this applies to pools skimming poles and cleaning equipment
  • Never fly kites or model airplanes near power lines or radio and TV antennas
  • Use only, non-metallic string or cord to fly kites or model airplanes; never use metal when building any flying toy
  • Do not let children play near utility equipment, poles or transformers

For more information on Outdoor Safety, please refer to Safe Electricity []

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